Solwise Leaky Feed Antenna Cable We wouldn't normally write about cabling, but Solwise came in and saw us last week and showed us a piece of cabling that's set to change the way businesses and consumers set up their wireless networks.

The Solwise Leaky Feed Antenna Cable - more properly known as Radiating Coaxial Cable - has until now been restricted to industrial use. However, Solwise believes that a growing band of self-builders and home renovation fans would also be keen to make use of it.

The tubular cable leaks a small amount of radio signal, ensuring a reliable distribution of Wi-Fi along its length. It will be sold by the metre and cost £8.60, plus £18 for each terminator or connector.

It's particularly useful where wireless connectivity would otherwise be difficult to fit - it's more usually found in tunnels and mines. Solwise says it is particularly suitable for office buildings, hotels, lift shafts, warehousing, schools and anywhere that requires Wi-Fi but open view of access points is not appropriate.

"Our interest in the technology stems from a number of Wi-Fi installations where conventional access-point and antenna combinations have proved troublesome. For instance, a hotel with long corridors and solid concrete floors and walls can require an access point in every room in order to ensure reliable WiFi for every guest," says the networking company.

Details of the Leaky Feed Antenna Cable (also known as LCX cable) can be found at

Solwise Leaky Feed Antenna Cable