Draytek Vigor 2710 series broadband routersDraytek has overhauled its Vigor 2710 and 2110 broadband router lines, adding NAS (network-attached storage) functionality to the existing feature set.

The updated models work with cable broadband, ADSL and, in tandem with a 3G dongle, the 3G cellular network.

Aimed at small business users who need to be able to get online quickly and reliably, the ADSL-focused Vigor 2710 is compatible with the latest ADSL2 and ADSL2+ and ADSL Max broadband connections. FTP support and network sharing are also offered.

For home users, as well as a stable and secure broadband connection the Vigor 2710 can be used as a VoIP client and for 80.11n Wi-Fi. Twin VoIP ports are included.

Security and web-filtering features include a stateful packet inspection firewall and object-based filtering. Users are able to customise the security settings according to their needs.

The Vigor 2110 offers a similar set of features to the Vigor2710 but is a cable router with 3G.

Existing customers can upgrade the firmware on their Vigor routers to take advantage of the NAS support now offered.

For details see draytek.co.uk.

Draytek Vigor 2710 series broadband routers

Draytek Vigor 7210 router

Draytek Vigor 2710 router with USB

USB and NAS are now supported on the routers