Buffalo has revealed its latest external NAS (network attached storage) hard drive, the LinkStation Live, and its new Web Access technology.

The drive is designed to attach to a home network and internet connection to enable remote access to files. The Web Access function enables remote users to log in to the hard drive via Buffalo's NAS website from any Mac or PC and access and stream the files.

Paul Hudson, Buffalo's sales director for Northern Europe, told us that its Web Access feature enables users to quickly and securely access their NAS drive without any of the usually difficulty required in setting up a NAS service.

The service appears to work with regular dynamic IP addresses, rather than requiring the user to purchase a static IP address from their internet service provider. The device is currently undergoing testing.

The LinkStation Live is fully compatible with iTunes 7.0 (iTunes 8 is expected to be compatible but is undergoing testing), which means you can store your iTunes library on the LinkStation Live and access it remotely via iTunes on your laptop or another desktop Mac.

Interestingly, the Web Access function also works on the iPhone, and would enable users to access and stream media directly from the NAS drive through Buffalo's Web Access site. Although the Web Access function is designed for desktop use and the interface isn't optimised for the iPhone, it should work just as well.

However, Buffalo told us that a dedicated iPhone App is currently in production - if successful this will enable iPhone users to access all the contents of their hard drive (music, video and documents) from within a custom-built interface.

The Buffalo LinkStation Live is available in two models, a 500GB unit costing £124.99 and a 1TB model costing £169.99.

Buffalo LinkStation NAS drive