Orange Toshiba TG01 phone thumbnail view Orange has announced that it will be bringing the Toshiba TG01 touchscreen smartphone to the UK. The TG01 is a 4.1in touchscreen phone that Toshiba says is the widest touchscreen handset yet to hit the market.

The TG01, which will be officially unveiled to UK press later this evening, runs off a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, has a 3.2Mp camera with autofocus, built-in GPS receiver with assisted-GPS, offers 3G wireless connectivity and Internet Explorer Mobile web browser.

Microsoft Direct Push mail and instant messaging are provided on the quad-band phone. It also offers W-Fi and Bluetooth v2.0.

Shortcuts on the browser offer quick access to the Orange World web portal and links to Orange TV & Video and Orange Maps.

Orange says "The TG01 bridges the gap between notebook and mobile by featuring the latest in chipset technology" and "enables users to make the most out of their phone, whether it be for watching video, updating social network pages or just browsing the web - just like they do on their PC."

The exceptionally broad 800x480-pixel handset is designed to offer a cinematic viewing experience and comes with a copy of the film GI Joe preloaded on it.

TV programmes, videos and music videos can all be enjoyed on the Toshiba phone, which also has a video player and supports Mpeg4, H.264, H.263, WMV and ASF files. Music playback options include MP3, AAC and WMA.

An 8GB microSDHC (Secure Digital high-capacity) memory card is included with the handset, which is offered for free on a £39.15 per month Orange contract when taken out over 24 months. The deal includes 1,200 network minutes per month.

The 129g handset is available in the UK from today exclusively through Orange. The TG01 went onsale in France last month and is soon to launch in Romania and Switzerland.

Toshiba TG01 phone

Orange Toshiba TG01 phone