TomTom has launched the GO x40 LIVE range of three satellite navigation devices that update traffic information every three minutes.

As well as using TMC traffic management, the x40 LIVE models gather information supplied by Vodafone. It is one of several live 'over-the-air' services that users of the new TomTom GO 540,740 and 940 devices will benefit from. The services are delivered to the device via a built-in SIM card and are free for the first three months, after which they cost £7.99 per month.

The other services include a real-time fuel price search that searches over 12,000 petrol stations across the UK to locate the cheapest fuel on your route or within the area you are currently located. Safety Alerts are provided in conjunction with Road Angel and identify the location of not only fixed but also mobile speed cameras.

The TomTom x40 satnavs also have a Local Search with Google feature. This gives users information and location details of more than 11 million businesses so drivers can seek our a restaurant or hotel at either their destination or on route.

Users of the device can also access weather reports and link up with their TomTom buddies from the device rather than TomTom Home.

"This is the next step in navigation and ensures drives get to where they are going in a faster, safer and more economic way," said Corrine Vigreux, managing director of TomTom.

The device also benefits from an updated sleek design, a new user interface and voice control and command so drivers can focus their attention on the road ahead rather than the sat nav.

The TomTom GO 540 Live features UK maps and is priced at £299, while the GO 740 Live, which comes with 32 European maps, costs £349. Finally, the GO 940 Live is bundled with European and US maps and is priced at £449. All three devices will be available in the UK from mid-November. Each comes with a free fuel card, ranging in value between £30 and £50.