TomTom’s latest high-end satellite navigation device, the GO 920 T, goes onsale today – just in time for the Christmas crush. Sporting maps covering 41 countries, the TomTom GO 920 T has a 4.3in widescreen display and has a 4GB built-in memory.

As well as showing drivers the way from A to B in European countries, the TomTom GO 920 T includes maps of the United States and Canada. A Bluetooth remote control bundled with the £399 inc VAT Tom Tom unit allows settings to be altered from anywhere – and by anyone – in the car.

This means that, rather than the driver or front seat passenger having to amend journey details, adjust music playback volume or make other changes to the TomTom’s setup while in use, passengers elsewhere in the car are able to do so.

On other in-car navigation devices (including existing TomTom devices), route alterations and other changes need to be made via the screen itself. Until now, the Bluetooth capabilities of satnav units have largely been exploited for handsfree mobile phone calls – another useful way of ensuring communications while driving are conducted safely.

The Tom Tom GO 920 T is designed such that cross-border travellers are seamlessly directed from country to country, while drivers within the UK get real-time traffic updates enabling them to avoid the most congested roads.

Safety camera, traffic and weather information can all be accessed using the Tom Tom Home desktop PC software. The Tom Tom 920 T’s setup can be personalised with car icons of choice and the owner’s own spoken driving instructions. SMS text messages can be read aloud and exchanged using the device, too.

An FM transmitter allows both music and spoken navigation instructions to be played back using the car stereo.

Technical specifications

4.3in widescreen 16:9 format LCD

WQVGA 480x72 pixels display

CPU 400 MHz, 64MB RAM

4GB internal flash memory

SD card socket

High sensitivity GPS receiver

Compatible with RDS-TMC traffic information receiver and TomTom’s subscription based traffic service

Integrated FM transmitter


Lithium-polymer battery

Five-hour battery life

Optimised integrated microphone and speaker for high quality hands-free functionality

Dimensions: 118 mmx83mmx24mm

Weight: 220 grams

Tom Tom GO 920 T satellite navigation device

Tom Tom GO 920 T satellite navigation device