A £10 app from UMU could ensure that your mobile phone and all its data is unaccessible, should it fall into the hands of thieves.

StopThief locks a handset and wipes all its data if it is stolen. Users simply download the app on to their phone and, if it is stolen, they can send then send an SMS from a PC or another phone to their own SIM. This message will instantly wipe all data, such as photos, emails and contacts from the phone and also lock the handset so it becomes unusable by the thief.

The smartphone automatically informs up to three other pre-defined numbers if the SIM has been changed. The program also offers the ability to use the device's GPS (if it has it) to pinpoint its exact location to the owner via the web.

According to UMU the app has a low memory footprint and won't drain the battery. It is compatible with handsets that use the Symbian Series 60 second and third generation operating platforms, as well as those running Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0 and 6.

"Modern life has made carrying smartphones almost ubiquitous and they are all the more susceptible to being lost or stolen because they are with us at all times. Many people go to extreme lengths to protect the data on their PC's or laptops and yet leave the same data on their smartphones completely vulnerable," said Peter Harrison, CTO at UMU.

StopThief is available now from UMU. It costs £9.95



UMU's StopThief app allows mobile phone owners to remotely wipe the data from their handset, if it is stolen