Samsung is adding a handset with a vibrating keypad to its range of mobile phones. The latest entrant, the black Samsung U600, a sliderphone is initially launching exclusively on 02.

The newest U600 model differs from other Samsung models by including a touchsensitive keypad that gently vibrates when pressed. According to Samsung, this results in a more responsive mobile phone. It also has a 'haptic touch' feature.

Haptic is a phrase that's lately gained currency as a term to describe the seemingingly intelligent responsiveness of gadgets such as the iPhone. Users can be fairly clumsy in their use of such devices but the haptics of the device seem nonetheless capable of divining what action to invoke or which character key was intended.

The black sliding handset dThe black U600 offers a 3.2Mp camera with 4x digital zoom and video capabilities, 60MB worth of internal memory and an external memory card slot ensuring there is plenty of space to stores images, video and audio files. Users will also benefit from a music player and Bluetooth functionality.

According to Samsung, the U600 is one of the slimmest slider phones in the world and is just 10.9mm thick and weighs 81g. The Samsung U600 black is available exclusively at O2 ( on pay monthly contracts or £99.99 on Pay as You Go.