Seoul's SEK exhibition this week has the usual mix of gadgets and toys to keep attendees amused as they walk the aisles. We took a look at some of those devices. See links below for all.

Every few years it seems there's at least one attempt to popularize video telephony. It didn't take off with fixed line and it hasn't taken off with 3G cell phones but that's not stopping Samsung from pushing it to Internet telephone users. The company's SMT-i8000 video phone hooks up to your Ethernet connection and Internet telephone line and allows both voice and video calls.

The advent of Internet telephony hasn't done much to the video phone service, except perhaps improve the picture quality, but that alone is unlikely to persuade consumers that seeing the person they are talking to is a good thing.

Other SEK new products:

iRiver B20 MP3 player

ILuv i199

MVix Media Player

Uren Mobile Auto PC

KWorks KW-H100 child tracker