Samsung and Adidas have teamed up [sorry] to create the miCoach - a mobile phone that helps you tone up more than your facial muscles. The miCoach mobile phone is available now in the UK.

The launch of the Samsung Adidas miCoach phone is likely to be good news if, like me, you need some motivation when it comes to gym (or exercise in general for that matter). So when you've finished working out on your games console courtesy of the Nintendo Wii Fit, you can always get more motivational tips from your mobile.

The Samsung Adidas miCoach phone features a stride sensor and heart rate monitor which show just how hard you're working and how many steps you take. The phone also comes with a ‘personal coach’ that offers customised training plans and training tips such as advising on when to speed up or slow down as well as time updates.

The digital audio player allows music playback as well as a function to tailor playlists to your workout by choosing songs according to tempo or motivational value. A personal coach advises runners to "Speed up to power zone" or tells them that “15 minutes is completed.

When the 14.5mm slider phone is tapped twice it will display a workout update featuring the time, heart rate, distance, speed and calories burned on its 2in LCD screen. Available in seven colours including sweet pink, sapphire blue and tech silver, the phone also benefits from a 2Mp camera, FM radio, USB and Bluetooth connectivity and a 1GB memory.

“The uniqueness of miCoach is that it collects and analyses personal data and then customises training plans based on your fitness level and specific goals, while giving you real-time feedback during your workout via the miCoach phone” said Eric Liedtke, vice president of Adidas Brand Marketing.

The miCoach is available now in the UK, with a German launch set for a couple of weeks' time. The miCoach comes bundled with an armband, so users can continue to get an earbashing from their virtual personal trainer as they work out.

A version of the phone that doesn’t include a stride sensor and heart rate monitor is also available. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Samsung Adidas miCoach mobile phone

Samsung Adidas miCoach mobile phone - the first phone with a built-in motivational personal assistant and heart monitor