Road Angel is launching a £299, completely legal, real-time speed camera alert module that is automatically updated with the latest location information - without having to connect to a PC in order to do so.

The Road Angel Professional Connected has its own SIM card and uses a GPRS (general packet radio service) connection to access the internet and receive updates.

While many of us make use of real-time traffic updates to help us avoid rush hour snarl-ups, when we do get a chance to put a foot on the throttle, it’s galling to find a new speed camera or average speed check has made a stealthy appearance. However, satnav units require periodic updates to keep abreast of new speed camera locations.

Road Angel says its Professional Connected module is "the world’s most advanced safety camera locator". It claims that 80 to 100 new speed camera locations are added every month. Updates are automatically delivered over the air and cover the whole of the UK.

The Road Angel Professional also keeps tabs on where you are as you drive – very useful for commercial drivers – so you can be traced by your boss or, in an emergency, by rescue services and friends.

Road Angel says the device is designed to assist with road safety, giving timely audible and visual warnings when you approach a known accident black spot or need to slow down because you’re near a school. It says such information can lead to up to 50 percent fewer accidents and a 74 percent reduction in speeding tickets being issued.

It even flashes up an alert if a camera van is nearby. Congestion charge warnings and driver fatigue warnings are included too.

The wireless device can be used for up to eight hours on a battery charge. As with a satnav unit, it affixes to a windscreen via a sucker mounting system and is then ready for use. A remote control is included so a backseat passenger is able to scroll through the Road Angel’s customisable menu or make onscreen changes.

Road Angel says its makes more than 1,500 alterations to its speed camera location database annually and stressing the importance of having the latest information, even if you drive regular routes for work. Automatic updates for Professional Connected product cost £4.99 a month on Direct Debit or £55 a year.

The Road Angel Professional Connected can be bought from the company's own website. A separate module that plugs in to the vehicle's lighter socket can be used to detect lasers being used for speed tracking.

Road Angel Professional Connected speed camera alert device

Road Angel Professional Connected speed camera alert device is particularly aimed at commercial drivers