You may think that if you've seen one iPod battery pack, you've seen them all. The selling point about this latest one - the RichardSolo 1800 iPhone and iPod back-up battery - is that it takes just two hours to completely recharge a dead or nearly-dead iPod or iPhone.

Marketed by USA Best, which hand-selects American-made goods and brings them to the UK for Brits to enjoy, the 67g RichardSolo snaps on to the bottom of on an iPhone or any iPod except the Shuffle. It is able to revive any such device that's getting low on power or that has completely run out of juice.

According to USA Best, the battery pack will completely recharge an iPod or iPhone within two hours and still have power remaining.

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The battery pack, which comes bundled with a USB lead, can either be charged by a USB port on a PC in a car using the bundled charger. A blue light indicates the RichardSolo 1800 is connected to a device, while a flashing green light is displayed when the battery pack is being charged. When the device is fully charged, the green LED becomes solid.

The gadget can also be used as a laser pointer during presentations or as an LED flashlight.

The £69.95 device will be available from USA Best from March.

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