If you hate having hundreds of chargers connected to the power outlets throughout your home, then Powermat could be the solution you're looking for to charge all your devices in a tidy fashion.

The sleek and glossy black plastic 'mat' is capable of ‘wirelessly'charging up to three devices in one go, ensuring you only need one power socket and the tangle of wires is eliminated.

The Powermat recognises and charges any device placed on it that features a dedicated receiver. Powermat Ltd, which makes the Powermat currently offers receivers for the BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Pearl - in the form of a replacement back that fits on the phone - as well as iPhone and the iPod Touch via a slip on case or a dock which is compatible with other generations of iPod.

Other devices that have a mini USB port casn be charged too thanks to the inclusion of 10 tips that fit different gadgets on a separate PowerCube. 

Simply place your BlackBerry with the replacement back, or special case, dock or PowerCube on to the Powermat and an LED and whimsical sound will indicate the device has paired with the mat and charging has begun.

Once fully charged the LED will go out and power to that 'area' switches off, although the mat continues charging other device.

A portable version of the Powermat, which folds up to less than 100x100x35 is also available. Powermat Ltd revealed it also plans to bring a Powermat capable of charging netbooks to market in the future.

Available from the first week of October, the Powermat is priced at £69.99. BlackBerry cases and the PowerCube are priced at £29.99 each, while the iPod dock or travel case cost £34.99.

The Powermat charges iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry's and USB device's wirelessly

Powermat offers replacement back covers for BlackBerry handsets that feature an integrated receiver

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