Bluetooth specialist Parrot has announced a £59 hands-free speaker kit for mobile phones.

Measuring 60x30.5x13mm and weighing 83g, the Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth speaker can be clipped on to a car sun visor or laid on a desk. Once paired with your mobile phone, the speaker uses voice recognition technology so you can call your contacts by simply saying their name. Once the gadget has recognised who it is you want to call and has retrived their number from your phone book, it calls them for you,

Your conversation is then transmitted through the Minikit’s internal speaker and omnidirectional microphone. Featuring Bluetooth v2.0 technology, the device can be paired with up to five phones at one time.

Parrot says the Minikit Slim Bluetooth speaker offers up to 15 hours of talk time before needing to be recharged. Available from autumn 2008, the Minikit slim will initially only be available in black.

A version with a flower design on it and a contrasting metallic grey trim known as Minikit Chic is also planned. The Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth speaker will retail at £59.99.

Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth 2.0 speaker

Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth 2.0 speaker