Nokia X6 music phone Nokia has added a striking new model to its music phone line-up. The Nokia X86 goes onsale in the UK on Friday.

Sold exclusively in the UK through Phones4U, the X6 has 32GB of onboard memory - as much as the latest iPods and their imitators - and is able to play around 35 hours of music before needing a recharge. (Of course, this figure will drop somewhat should you decide to use the phone for something so outmoded as making calls.)

The capacity, though, is important, since despite reportedly poor sales, Nokia continues to push its Comes with Music service on handsets such as the X86. This allows users to download as many songs as they want from the Nokia Music Store. The Nokia Music Store features tracks from four major record labels and users can keep the music after their 12- or 18-month contract expires.

The web browser provides access to Nokia's Ovi store as well as useful websites and the usual list of social media apps, multimedia messaging, email and photo sharing are all supported.

The new phone also has a 5Mp camera with Carl Zeiss lens while the candybar design allows Nokia to describe its 3.2in display in cinematic terms as 16:9 widescreen. To whet user's appetites, there's an exclusive video clip of pop star Rihanna visiting the Ovi Store in London - her new album launched yesterday - and a free track from her Rated R album.

The Nokia X6 is free on a £35-per-month 18-month contract on Orange or £449 from Nokia's online store. It goes onsale through Phones4U from Friday 27 November.

Nokia X6 music phone

The Nokia X6 has a 32GB internal memory - easily a match for many MP3 players


Nokia X6 music phone

The 3.2in 'widescreen' display will show off video clips and games downloaded from the Ovi Store


Nokia X6 music phone

And lest you think it's only about music, there's a 5Mp camera with Carl Zeiss lens