Nokia has updated its Communicator full Qwerty clamshell smartphone as an enterprise-grade, "real multitasking" do-it-all handset for the mobile warrior.

Less brick-like than its predecessors, the Nokia E7 sports a 4in AMOLED touchscreen within a sleek, anodised aluminium casing. The whole thing weighs just 176g. An 8Mp camera and 16GB of flash memory plus a 680MHz processor form the backbone of the Symbian^3 handset.

Offering HSDPA 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi and so on, the E7 comes primed with the full OVI Services suite including location-aware mapping, video capture and playback and photo-editing tools. It has a solid web browser, preinstalled stock market apps, encrypted email, F-Secure security software and document handling. Up; to 10 email addresses are supported on the 124x62x14mm device.

The Nokia Communicator 9000 launched in 1996 and was the first mobile phone with a full slide-out Qwerty keyboard. The E7 has a more refined look than its gunmetal forebear but perhaps runs the risk of being mistaken for a teen-friendly Sidekick mobile.

The Nokia Communcator E7 will cost around £599 inc VAT.