New Nokia Android phones have been the cause of much buzz in the smartphone world since the Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 were announced back at MWC 2017. We're expecting to see the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 announced any day now, so what of the other numbers missing in this line-up? (Also see: Nokia 7 rumoursNokia 8 rumours and Nokia 9 rumours.)

Nokia 1 could easily be the Nokia 3310, while Nokia 2 could be a budget Android priced and specified somewhere between that feature phone and the low-end Nokia 3. We've heard nothing of a Nokia 4 (and we're not aware of unlucky number 4 being a thing in Finland, home to parent company HMD Global), but the Nokia 7 has been teased sitting between the current top-of-the-range (yet still mid-range) Nokia 6 and upcoming Nokia 8 flagship.

Very little is known about the Nokia 2, although some information has leaked about its processor - thought to be the Snapdragon 212, or in some markets a cheaper MediaTek processor.

We would speculate that the specs would be just below that of the Nokia 3, which might mean a smaller HD screen - possibly 4.5in - and a lower-capacity battery, though we wouldn't like to see the memory and storage go any lower than 2- and 16GB respectively. 

In common with all Nokia Android phones we can expect a premium design and a pure software experience that comes with timely operating system updates.

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When is the Nokia 2 release date?

It has been suggested that the Nokia 8 and 9 will be announced on 31 July, though we're not certain this will be the case. If they don't arrive then, it's likely they will be unveiled during an IFA 2017 press conference on or around 31 August. The Nokia 2 could well be announced then too.

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How much will the Nokia 2 cost in the UK?

Sat in the line-up between the £49 Nokia 3310 and £119 Nokia 3, it makes sense for the Nokia 2's price to sit somewhere in between. We'd speculate that it will cost between £79 and £99 in the UK.

We'll bring you more news on the Nokia 2 as we hear it.

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