NDrive is launching two satellite navigation products that rely on photos rather than maps to lead the way.

Navman introduced the idea of photo-based navigation with its NavPix geocaching cameras. NDrive extends the idea. However, rather than being purely map-based, the NDrive models display actual photographs with directions superimposed on them.

According to its makers, the NDrive concept "allows you to see what your journey and destination look like from a real-life perspective. Photo mapping technology heightens the senses and makes it instantly easier to see where you are and where you are heading".

Maker Smart Devices offers a choice of five different perspectives and automatically selects the one it thinks will make the route clearest to the driver at any given time. Since this may not suit everyone, it will also be possible to manually adjust perspective.

Aside from the photographic element of the portable navigation devices, the NDrives are broadly similar to offers from the likes of TomTom, Garmin and Navman. The G280 and G800 offer a choice of 4:3 aspect and widescreen aspect ratios and include speed camera alerts and other safety features.

An SD card slot will enable users to add photos and music to be displayed and played back on their satnav unit. A built-in loudspeaker means there's no need for an external speaker, although headphones can also be used.

The G280 and G800 will be available from today from Smart Devices and cost £199 and £315 inc VAT, respectively.

For full details, including leads on where to buy an NDrive satnav, head to www.smartdevicesdirect.com.

NDrive G280 satellite navigation device

NDrive G280 satellite navigation device