Navigon is to start selling UK models of its PNDs (personal navigation devices). The first model in the satnav range will be the Navigon 8110 – a £389 unit with a 4.8in touchscreen.

The Navigon 8110 is a widescreen satnav with a 16:9 aspect ratio and the ability to render landscapes and geographical reliefs, assisting drivers with their journey. In contrast to the new Navman S30 3D model we’ve just reviewed, the Navigon 8110 offers a Panaroma View that shows the entire map in three dimensions.

Valleys, mountains, bridges and tunnels have all been mapped in this way, so if you come across roads that meet but don’t bisect, you’ll know in advance whether to expect a flyover or an underpass. Navigon refers to this sort of detail as a ‘Reality View’ and say it should help avoid driver confusion at busy motorway and urban intersections.

A Lane Assist feature shows you which lane you need to be in to negotiate a junction and indicates the route immediately beyond it so you don’t switch lanes only to have to get back into the same one 50 yards later (not the way to endear yourself to other drivers on congested roads).

As you would hope from a relatively expensive satnav unit, the Navigon 8110 contains the latest TeleAtlas maps, has an MP3 player and photo viewer and comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can make handsfree mobile phone calls and call up phone contacts by voice.

You also get a lifetime TMC (traffic management console) subscription and two years of quarterly map updates – a feature Navigon calls Fresh Maps.

The Navigon 8110 is powered by a 533MHz processor and has 128MB onboard memory and 128MB ROM. More than two million points of interest (POIs) are included and the device has a PIN security lock.

The satnav unit will be sold through Amazon, and other online retailers.

Navigon 8110 satnav device

Navigon 8110 satnav device

Navigon 8110 satnav showing mountain relief maps

Navigon 8110 satnav can show mountain relief maps