Navigon has launched two new satnav devices. The Navigon 1200 and the Navigon 2200 are available from Halfords and, with a price tag of less than £100, an ideal stocking filler.

The Navigon 1200 costs £69.99 while the Navigon 2200 costs £99.99. Both devices feature a slim black case that houses the 3.5in screen and full UK and Ireland maps.

The Navigon 1200 provides users with advanced lane guidance at complicated junctions, speed limit and safety camera warnings and displays real signpost information at motorway exits.

The Navigon 2200 offers all these features but also comes with a traffic management module. The Advanced Premium Traffic information includes updates for the lifetime of the device. This information is picked up by an antenna integrated in the charger cordd.

Detailed voice instructions on the Navigon satnav range inform the driver of the road name to look out for, rather than simply specifying how many roads they will pass before the reach the one they should take.

Priced at £69.99 for the Navigon 1200 and £99.99 for the Navigon 2200, the devices are available from Halfords now.

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The Navigon 2200 is priced at £99.99