Motorola’s much-anticipated Z10 sliderphone is getting a UK launch. The Motorola Z10 will be unveiled in the UK on 30 April and is a successor to the popular Motorola Razr V8.

Video capture will be one of its main selling points, judging by the trailer we’ve seen for the eye-catching handset. The catchline promises "We're all film makers now" and reports suggest the handset will be capable of capturing 30fps (frames per second) video. Video clips and photos will be displayed on a 2.2in QVGA screen.

Video and photos taken with the Motorola Z10 will be stored to a microSD card – up to 32GB capacity cards will be supported once these become available.

Previewed at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January, the Motorola Z10 will be a - quad-band handset with HSDPA and 3G connectivity and runs on the Symbian OS familiar to Nokia phone - fans, among others.

The Motorola Z10 will have a 3.2Mp instant-on camera with autofocus. Photos and video will be able to be sent directly to sites such as YouTube and Flickr for instant sharing. For those that wish to tweak their handiwork before showing it off to the world at large, Motorola includes a handset-based editing suite.

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Motorola Z10 mobile phone handset

Motorola Z10 mobile phone handset