Navman Spirit Flat satnav thumbnail view Mitac has rebranded its UK satnav products as Mio Navman and has relaunched the S series models. The Dutch offshoot of the Taiwanese manufacturer has also added a huge 7in-screened model to the line-up, the Spirit TV.

The idea behind the Spirit TV is that it can be used as a portable entertainment device when you're not stuck behind the wheel. It's aimed at lorry drivers and caravan owners and other drivers who put in lots of driving hours and will appreciate the chance to unwind with a bit of goggle-boxing. The device sports the same very slim profile as the other S series models we've seen.

The Spirit TV has a DVB-T free-to-air digital TV channel tuner, a built-in retractable antenna and has an integrated speaker. However, it's really designed for personal use, so don't expect to be able to use it to entertain the kids.

Launching later this summer, the 7in TV-enabled beast of a satnav will also be joined with a more usual-sized 4.5in version.

Mio Navman Spirit TV 7in-screen satnav

Another product launched this week was the Navman Spirit Flat.

The Navman Spirit Flat offers a slightly new spin on a 4.5in touchscreen display. Mio has taken a leaf from the design annals of smartphone manufacturers and made this 480x272-pixel display a highly responsive 'Slide Touch'. The Spirit Flat weighs 160g and comes with a 12-month subscription to Google Local Search as well as Wcities travel guides. A 3D Landmarks feature assists with orientation in an unfamiliar city.

An FM transmitter, weather widget, Bluetooth support for handsfree calling and voice-activated navigation are all built in. A  lifetime traffic-alert service comes as part of the package.

Navman Spirit Flat satnav