Medion has supersized its latest satnav device, arming it with a 5in widescreen display. The GoPal P5430 will go onsale this Sunday at ALDI stores and will cost £180.

Although standalone satnav devices can be bought for much less than that these days - Medion sells a £79 model, for example - the GoPal P5430 is a top-of-the-range device with complete European maps, TMC traffic updates, Bluetooth for hands-free calling and even a preinstalled Sudoku game should you get stuck in traffic.

The device is protected by a biometric fingerprint scanner, adding to its appeal to tech geeks.Powered by a 600MHz Sirf processor, the Medion satnav uses Navteq maps, offers 2D and 3D views and automatically senses when dusk arrives and switches to a night mode display.

Points of interest include petrol stations and cash machine locations. The P5430 can be hooked up to a PC via USB and primed with more POIs downloaded from the internet. As well as enabling handsfree calling by recognising names and numbers in the user's mobile phone contact list, the Bluetooth function can be used to issue onscreen navigation instructions, dictating where you want to go.

The device has 1GB of onboard storage, which can be used to store and play back MP3 files and the mapping information is stored on a 2GB Secure Digital memory card.

Medion GoPal P5430 satnav device