Medion GoPal P5235 satnav thumbnail view Medion has put onsale a 5in satnav device it hopes will appeal to cost-conscious consumers who want the convenience of a larger than average display. The Medion GoPal P5235 costs £229.

The 480x272-pixel touchscreen can display 65,000 colours that automatically adjusts to the amount of light. As is the norm with the latest generation satnav devices, the Medion E4230 offers a choice of 2D and 3D modes and has a lane assistant feature that makes it clearer which lane you should be in when negotiating complex junctions.

TMC traffic management for the lifetime of the product means you should be able to avoid most congestion on your route and you can set the device to take you the shortest, fastest or most economical route.

A terse warning is issued if you exceed the speed limit, but if you prefer not to be nagged in this manner, there are also visual warnings about speed cameras and if you're going faster than you should.

Pedestrian and cycling modes are also offered on the GoPal P5235, along with Berlitz travel guides with restaurant and hotel listings. Given its outsize dimensions and the fact it weighs 263g, it's more likely you'll want to use it in a car.

Primed with a 2GB SD Card containing Navteq maps of 43 European countries, the P5235 is powered by a 400MHz Samsung processor and has a SiRFStarIII GPS receiver. The device can display photos stored on SD card and comes with a Sudoku game to help pass the time while you're stuck in traffic.

The GoPal P5235 is available from the Medion online shop for £229.99 inc VAT.

Medion GoPal P5235 5in satnav