LG has unveiled the third handset in its Chocolate range of mobile phones. The touchscreen LG KF750 is described as a Black Label Edition phone and is alternatively known as the LG Secret.

LG says the KF750 Secret is "specifically developed to satisfy the refined tastes of trendsetters who desire a sophisticatedly designed, yet durable handset". It succeeds the LG Chocolate and LG Shine mobile phone handsets launched last year.

The LG Secret is 11.8mm thick, is clad in carbon-fibre and is designed to look as good after several months' use as it did when it was first plucked from the shelf your local mobile phone shop.

LG says it added a tempered glass LCD display to add both “sheen and strength”. We just hope it isn't as susceptible to grubby fingerprint marks as the Shine.

Essential specifications of the LG KF750 handset are a touch-sensitive screen, a 5Mp camera and the ability to capture video at up to 120fps (frames per second). Recordings are DivX-certified.

In common with the Motorola Z10 handset we reported on last week, the LG Secret has onboard photo and video editing features and, according to its maker, a special "facial editing" function. We shudder to think of the grotesque possibilities.

Movie Maker software is included should you feel like creating your own music video. Alternatively, you can head over to YouTube and view other peoples' videomaking efforts.

Having captured photos on the 5Mp onboard camera, for which a SmartLight feature is included, handset owners can view them onscreen with photos automatically rotating from landscape to portrait depending on how the phone is being held.

Google provides the browser, maps and Gmail webmail access, while LG Secret owners will also be able to open, view and edit Microsoft Word documents. Games and an FM radio are also part of the package.

Helpfully, LG didn't bother to include details of the KF750's connectivity or call coverage capabilities, instead supplying http://secret.lgmobile.com as a link for further information (though none relating to this phone seems to be listed).

Perhaps it’s a Secret.

LG Secret KF750 handset

LG Secret KF750 handset