LG GT505 phone thumbnail view LG has unveiled two new mobile phones aimed at social networkers. The LG GW250 is a 2.8in touchscreen model while the LG GT505 is a 3G phone with slide-out keyboard.

The LG GW520 and the LG GT505 both allow users to receive updates from social networking sites such as Facebook as they are posted. Users can update their status on social networks and post photographs directly from an app on the handset.

"Mobile communications have been about more than just voice based calls for a long time, but consumers are now demanding more than just SMS and instant messaging services. They want the kind of messaging and social networking features previously the preserve of high end handsets on a wide range of models, and that is what LG is offering," said Jeremy Newing, head of marketing, LG Mobile.

The LG GW520 has a 2.8in touchscreen display and a slide-out qwerty keyboard. The handset also features 3G connectivity and a 3Mp camera.

The LG GT505 is a 3in touchscreen handset that also features a 5Mp camera and integrated GPS, which can be used alongside the free 30-day trial of Wisepilot for LG to provide turn-by-turn visual and audio navigation software.

Both handsets will be available from June, although pricing and networks were not available.

The LG GW520 has a slide out qwerty keyboard

The LG GT505 has integrated GPS for turn-by-turn navigation

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