CES 2015 didn’t bring with it many smartphones but the most exciting one of the few we did managed to find was the LG G Flex 2. Here's our hands-on video from Las Vegas. See also: The best smartphones.

Ok, we weren't very impressed with the original G Flex which was something of a concept phone. The curve seemed like a gimmick and more a showcase of what the firm could do rather than something consumers genuinely wanted or needed.

Well LG hasn’t given up on the idea and is now back with the second generation G Flex 2 which will launch this year. There's no price yet but we can expect it to be at the premium end of the market so probably £500 or more.

One of the main things we disliked about the first G Flex model was the size. At 6in the device was a beast and the curve of it only made it feel bigger. Well the G Flex 2 has been shrunk down to 5.5in matching the G3 which LG says is the sweet spot between comfort and viewability.

The other problem on the G Flex was the 720p resolution which we didn’t feel was adequate for a flagship device and one with such a large display. It might not be as good as the Quad HD G3 but the new G Flex 2 has a Full HD 1080 screen which is a decent improvement.

There have been a number of other upgrades too, including a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, 13Mp rear camera with laser auto focus and speedier self-healing on the rear cover. We can't wait to get our hands on it for a full review.

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