Nexus 4 - in disappointing black

The white Nexus 4 has been confirmed by LG, according to multiple reports. The all-white version of the popular Nexus 4 Android phone will launch in Hong Kong tomorrow, and is expected to hit the UK on June 10 if not before. The Nexus 4 in white is likely to see the debut of Android 4.3.

White Nexus 4 price?

We haven't heard any word about pricing however: the killer aspect of the Nexus 4 is that it offers high-end Android at a bargain price - when you buy it outright, at least. In order to match the success of the original Nexus 4 the white model will have to match its £239 price - that's around half the price of the iPhone 5.

The Nexus 4 is a 4.7-inch Android phone with a 720p display. It bundles a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro chip with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, meaning it offers market-leading performance, with measly storage (you can pay more for a 16GB version).

The Nexus 4 was the first 'Nexus' smartphone to really attack the mindshare enjoyed by iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets. Google's best smartphone, with a little help from LG, the Nexus 4 is the flagship Android phone and as long as its storage capacities suffice the Nexus 4 is the definition of a bargain. You quite simply get the performance and features of a high-end smartphone for half the price you would expect to pay. Unless you're set on an iPhone, the Nexus 4 is an unbeatable deal.

If the all-white Nexus 4 can match the original's pricing and add in a new version of Android, expect it to fly off the shelves.