The Fujitsu F704i is a slim, stylish and waterproof mobile phone.

With mobile phones now getting so light and slim, it's easy to wade into the sea at the beach and forget your handset is still in your pocket. The usual result is a dead phone.

But users of Fujitsu's new F704i don't have to worry. The handset, which will be on sale in Japan just in time for the summer, is waterproof. It's a WCDMA (wideband code division multiple access) handset with 3G roaming and will be available in Japan only through NTT DoCoMo.

It's a shame the Fujitsu F704i offers only 1.3Mp photos, or it would be even more useful for holiday beach snaps.

Release details for the rest of the world are not yet known. (Neither is the name of this lady.)

Fujitsu F704i waterproof phone

Fujitsu F704i waterproof phone and friend