BlackBerry VizorMount Speakerphone RIM has come up with a BlackBerry Visor Mount that allows hands-free smartphone chat while you drive and hooks up with a car stereo to play music stored on your handset.

Costing £69, it will compete will similar products such as Belkin's TuneCast range of in-car FM tuners for iPods.

The slimline Visor Mount device uses Bluetooth to stream music from the BlackBerry handset to the FM radio in the vehicle.

It is also being marketed as a way for drivers to stay in touch with the office or relatives by being able to chat safely without having to take their hands off the steering wheel to dial numbers. A caller ID function that uses text to speech reads out the phone number of incoming calls.

The BlackBerry Visor Mount is available at for £69.99.

See also Belkin TuneCast GPS Auto Live.

BlackBerry VizorMount Speakerphone