We'd rather opt for the purple version of the highly desirable BlackBerry Pearl 8120, but there's now a version of the Pearl available in pink. The RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is available on 02 from www.carphonewarehouse.co.uk.

For those for whom functionality rather than accessorising is a priority, you can get this same BlackBerry Pearl 8110 on Vodafone contracts with built-in GPS. BlackBerry is plugging its GPS navigation capabilities now that the iPhone has added a LocateMe feature to its Google Maps feature.

Already available on Vodafone BlackBerry Curve handsets (see our review here), the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 now boasts a year's subscription to it too.

Combining the email and messaging functions of more business-focused BlackBerry models with the multimedia features that consumers have come to expect, the Pearl 8110 has a 2Mp camera with 5x zoom, a music and video player and a microSD card slot.

Availble for free with a contract from www.vodafone.co.uk.