Toshiba has announced full details of the new Satellite Pro U300, Satellite Pro A300 and Satellite Pro U400 laptops it demonstrated last month.

Launching this summer, as we revealed last week, the three new Satellite Pro notebook models will make use of face-recognition software as a means of identifying authorised users and controlling access to the machine's contents.

Toshiba claims the face-recognition authentication software is sophisticated enough not to be fooled by tricks such as photos of authorised users or someone wearing a mask and impersonating someone else. We bet that won't stop the assembled IT reviews press making a concerted attempt to try and fool it in this way, however.

Another innovation is USB Sleep 'n Charge - the ability to recharge gadgets such as MP3 players via the laptop's USB port even while the machine is in sleep mode.

Toshiba has used both AMD and Intel processors and paired these with ATI Mobility graphics chips. Toshiba includes 640GB of hard disk space on all three models. They can be bought with either Windows Vista or Windows XP preinstalled.

The smallest, the Satellite Pro U400, has a 13.3in screen and weighs less than 2kg, while the 17in Satellite Pro P300 is designed as an alternative to a desktop PC. Finally, the A300, is a 15.4in laptop. Customers can choose between Vista Business or Windows XP Professional.

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 laptop

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 laptop is one of a new range that uses face recognition technology to authorise access