Rumours surrounding the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 have been ongoing since the original Surface Book was introduced last year.

In March it was suggested that the Surface Book 2 would no longer be a hybrid, but an actual laptop. Microsoft did indeed unveil a new Surface Laptop at its Spring Conference, but it wasn't the Surface Book 2 we were expecting - that device is still to come.

What new features are expected for the Surface Book 2?

The new Surface Book is expected to sport the same premium design we saw on the original, with a few major differences. For starters, Microsoft is said to have been working on improving the hinge.

Lots of users of the original complained that the detaching process was too complicated and not smooth enough, so the Surface Book 2 will likely offer solutions to this issue. It could provide a better way to detach the keyboard, or take a new direction by making the keyboard non-detachable, but the screen wholly reversible.

The new Surface Book will also likely come with a better screen, offering support for 4K resolution (3840 x 2160p), including a VP9 and HEVC 10-bit decode, which means better graphics will be available.

The new model is expected to feature cutting-edge specs. It is rumoured to have a lot more power thanks to new Kaby Lake processors, and support both USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.

The battery of the original Surface Book in tablet mode was a bit of a let-down, so Microsoft is expected to have spent time on improving this.

The Surface Book 2 will be preinstalled with Windows 10 Creators Update, which includes Cortana's speech recognition and a much improved video-playback feature. Given the Windows mixed-reality headsets we saw at CES, it's also possible we'll also see some support for VR.

When is the Surface Book 2 release date?

According to reports the Surface Book 2 will be unveiled at Microsoft’s two-day Future Decoded event on 31 October 2017.

If these predictions are correct, it should become available for purchase soon after, and we'd say definitely before the end of the year.

How much will the new Surface Book 2 cost in the UK?

The Surface Book 2 is expected to be more expensive than the recently released Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, which currently cost £1099.99. The debut price will likely be around £1150 ($1449). 

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