Having bought IBM's PC business three years ago, Lenovo is mainly associated with the business laptop market. However, the company has revealed plans to enter the consumer space this year, with several models in its new IdeaPad line expected to be on show at CES 2008.

Although not revealing details of the products appearing at the Las Vegas-based exhibition, Lenovo has revealed that the IdeaPad line will include three models initially - the IdeaPad U110 ultraportable, the IdeaPad Y710 gaming laptop and the IdeaPad Y510. The U110 comes with an 11in screen and weighs only 1.04kg; the Y710 has a 17in screen, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, an ATI graphics card and an optional Blu-ray Disc drive; while the Y510 offers a 15.4in screen and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Click here for more details.

The IdeaPad line is not scheduled to launch in the UK yet, with Lenovo favouring the US, France, Russia, South Africa, India, Australia and the Far East initially.