Dell has unveiled the Latitude XT2 XFR, which it claims is the world's smallest multi-touch rugged tablet PC.

According to Dell, the 12.1in tablet PC's design was inspired by discussions with US law enforcement and national defence bodies. The Latitude XT2 XFR is 38mm thick and weighs 2.45kg.

Compression-sealing and a rugged LCD display and keyboard means the tablet PC is resistant to moisture and dust, making it ideal for industrial use.

Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the Latitude XT2 XFR is available with up to 5GB of RAM and either 64 or 128GB solid state drive. Alternatively, users can choose a 160GB hard disk drive.

The 12.1in multi-touch display can recognise four simultaneous finger presses and can be used to record data, manipulate images, zoom into maps or scroll around documents.

Running Windows Vista, the tablet PC has Intel GMA 4500MHD onboard graphics, a microphone and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Optional swappable modules that can be quickly and easily installed or removed include a 2Mp webcam, external optical drive and a GPS receiver.

The Dell Latitude XT2 XFR is priced from £2,271.

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