There's no Windows version of the Eee PC on Asus' booth, but the company did reveal a few other plans for the highly popular sub-notebook at the Consumer Electronics Show today.

Much of the pre-show hype surrounding the Eee PC has involved the supposedly imminent availability of a model running Windows, but the spokesperson we spoke to insisted Windows wasn't Asus' prime concern. Instead, the company is preparing to role out new models with more storage space and larger screens.

For example, the Eee PC 8G – a new model offering 8GB rather than the 2GB or 4GB inside previous models – has made its debut, and Asus told us we could look forward to versions with more memory soon.

As for the new screens - the original models feature 7in displays, but 8in, 8.9in and 10in models are currently in development. The spokesperson said Asus is planning to fit the 8in screen into the same sized chassis at the first Eee PCs to hit the market; the larger screen versions will necessitate slightly bigger units.

And Asus suggested it's not going to restrict the Eee PC concept to the ultraportable laptop format – the spokesperson said the company is looking at a desktop PC version too. He said the desktop would offer low-end specs, run Linux and be housed in a compact case.

Elsewhere on the Asus booth, the company is showing off the 1TB laptop it announced last week, an Nvidia SLI laptop, a satnav device, a mini-desktop and a range of luxury laptops.

Multi-coloured Eee PCs