Archos has made the Windows 7 version of the Archos 9 - its 9in Windows touchscreen tablet PC - available in the UK. The Intel Atom Z-powered Archos 9 costs £449. 

The Archos 9 is 17mm thick and allows users to watch multimedia on the device's HD display, surf the web and to open and edit office applications. It has an onscreen keyboard and an optical trackpad, while the left and right mouse buttons, situated on either side of the screen, are also used for navigation.

A stand on the back of the device allows the user to angle the tablet to a convenient viewing angle, while twin TV tuners offer access to free digital TV channels.

The Archos 9 weighs 800g and features a 60GB hard drive, along with 250GB of online storage. The device also comes bundled with £80 of free multimedia content from Archos' online portal.

The device offer Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity along with two USB ports.

Priced at £449.99, the Archos 9 is available now from Archos.

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