Acer is to add to its line-up of Ferrari-branded laptops with the introduction of the 12.1in Ferrari 1100.

The ultraportable dimensions of the Acer Ferrari 1100 will contrast with the more expansive Ferrari laptop models Acer has launched in the past.

The Ferrari 1100 will have a slot-loading DVD SuperMulti dual-layer disc drive and has been designed by Acer to be hardier than the average F1 chassis. Rather than crumpling on impact, it comes clad in durable carbon fibre.

Acer has also specced out the Ferrari 100 for entertainment use, equipping it with a pair of built-in Dolby Surround Sound stereo speakers. An ATI Radeon X1250 video chip will process 3D graphics and the AMD Turion 64X2-based laptop will also sport a 250GB hard disk.

VoIP calls in noisy environments are no problem for the Ferrari 1100 as Acer PureZone technology cleans the sound field with beam forming, echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies.

As well as its multimedia credentials, the Acer Ferrari 1100 will be eminently practical for business use: it weighs less than 2kg, so is highly portable, supports VoIP phone calls and has a powerful 802.11 a. bug, g and draft-N wireless chip. Wi-Fi signals are bolstered by Acer's SignalUp technology, which works on a Mimo-type principle, magnifying the wireless signal between two antenna.

Cyberlink's PowerDVD, Norton Internet Security and a range of Acer business software for video conference and laptop management will all be part of the package.

The Acer Ferrari 110 will be available from late Q4 and no pricing is available yet.