Acer Aspire E budget laptops

At its New York launch event, Acer has confirmed a range of new Aspire E laptops and an Intel Core i3 powered Chromebook. Read: The 13 best laptops: What's the best laptop you can buy in 2014?

The new Aspire E laptops will cater for those on a budget while offering a choice of colours. Acer has confirmed 15.6-, 14- and 11.6in sizes which will start shipping next month at under £300. See also: Acer Aspire Switch 10 hands-on review: Windows 8 tablet and laptop in one device.

Acer said: "[the] notebook series built with time-tested technologies ideal for users who require everyday productivity and infotainment at an affordable price. In addition, a variety of fashionable colors are available to accentuate users’ personalities."

Consumers will have a large amount of choice when it comes to the Aspire laptops because Acer will be offering both AMD and Intel processors. Furthermore, you'll be able to choose an HD resolution or Full HD 1080p plus glare (glossy) or non-glare (matte) screen types.

The Aspire E 15 range come in five different colours and the Aspire E 14 in six. The Aspire E 11 has four colours and uses a fanless design – the Aspire V 11 is essentially a touchscreen version.

All the laptops come with Windows 8.1, a webcam and up to 1TB of storage space.

Acer also confirmed that it will launch a Chromebook powered by an Intel Core i3 processor making it the first laptop with Google's Chrome OS to do so. It will launch later this year and use the same chassis as the existing Acer C720.

Acer Aspire E price and release date

A rarity for a launch, but Acer has given details for both the release date and price of its new Aspire E laptops. The Aspire E 15 series and Aspire E 14 series will both launch in June priced from €349 and €299 respectively. Meanwhile, the Aspire E 11 will arrive mid-May starting at €299.

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