Recently, Disney fans have been getting excited about the concept of a subscription-based on-demand service filled with nothing but classic Disney films. Well, it seems their prayers have been answered as Disney has announced DisneyLife, a new service that’ll allow UK Disney fans to access a myriad of Disney-themed content, not limited to video. Here, we discuss the features of DisneyLife, along with its release date, platforms and monthly fee. See also: Best media streamers available in the UK

DisneyLife FAQ: What is DisneyLife?

DisneyLife is, essentially, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for Disney fans, as the company plans to launch a subscription-based video streaming right here in the UK. It seems that Disney has finally realised that old business models no longer make sense, with many consumers taking a step away from TV, effectively cutting out the middle-man and directly accessing the content they want, whenever they want. However, with this being said, there is a key difference between DisneyLife and the likes of Netflix; alongside streaming of its movies and TV shows, the company will also offer consumers a variety of Disney-branded content including books and music.

However, those looking forward to tucking into the recently-acquired Star Wars series will be disappointed, as the Star Wars series will be notably unavailable at launch (take a look at our favourite Star Wars gifts and gadgets). Don’t be disheartened though, as Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger said that the franchise could be added to the service in future. Instead, fans can expect to find classics including Frozen, Snow White, Jungle Book and Cinderella alongside the entire Pixar catalogue and thousands of Disney Channel shows. Netflix currently streams a number of Disney movies, but we’re unsure as to whether these will be removed or not.

The best part? DisneyLife content will be available to download offline, allowing users to watch their favourite Disney movies and listen to their favourite Disney songs without needing an internet connection.

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DisneyLife launch date: When & how can I access DisneyLife?

So now you’re interested in DisneyLife, when and how can you gain access to it? First things first, DisneyLife is (strangely) a UK exclusive with no plans to bring the service to Europe ore event the US any time soon. Disney has a number of agreements with cable and satellite providers in the US that distribute its content, and we imagine launching its own streaming service will have repercussions that the company are happy to avoid. Though the service is UK only, content will be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – good news for those whose first language isn’t English.

Those that are pumped about signing up and binge-watching old Disney films may have to hold on for a few days/weeks, as the service is due to launch this month (November 2015) but it hasn’t just yet. Keep checking back though, as we’ll be updating this article with new information as soon as we find it. If that’s not for you, hard-core Disney fans can head over to the DisneyLife website and sign up for launch notifications directly from the company.

There hasn’t been much announced in the way of accessing the service, though. We can theorise that because the service offers offline downloading that there will be an official DisneyLife app for iOS and Android, as well as a website where you’ll be able to access your favourite Disney content. We’ll be confirming the details once it’s available, so make sure you check back soon.

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DisneyLife FAQ: How much will DisneyLife cost?

That’s all well and good, but we’ve yet to cover one important factor in any subscription-based service – the fee. Now, bare with us here; DisneyLife is going to set you back £9.99 a month, which is more expensive than the likes of Netflix, however it’s still cheaper than getting Sky and paying for all the Disney-related channels AND you get to offline them for consumption without an internet connection, so we don’t think the price-tag is that bad. After all, Apple Music is £9.99 a month and there’s less on offer than what Disney is offering!

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