Orange is getting into internet radio. It is launching a £99 wireless internet radio that streams music from any of around 4,000 web-based radio stations and can also be synchronised with an Orange mobile phone.

The £99 Orange Live Radio doesn’t require users to have an Orange mobile phone or broadband contract but will of course work with an Orange Live Box broadband router.

The Orange Liveradio goes on sale in Orange stores from 1 June or can be bought from As well as streaming internet radio, it is intended to be used as a speaker to play back music from an MP3 player or stored on a USB memory. Windows Media Audio (WMA), MP3 and WAV files can be played this way.

The liveradio portal is used to manage access to the range of web radio stations. Here, users register their device and set preferences and customise their radio settings.

Stations can be added by dragging and dropping them into a custom folder, while tunes you hear and like but can’t identify can be bookmarked and listed in the My Favourites menu. The service will then seek out the original track and offer it for sale via the Orange Music Store for 99p (assuming it’s one of the million or so tracks Orange has in its database). This needs to be downloaded and installed in order for this aspect to work.

However, the buying setup is not limited to either Orange broadband or Orange mobile phone service customers. Instead, Orange offers an over the air dual download service to Orange phone customers whereby the chosen track is additionally sent to theie phone at no extra cost.

The Orange Live Radio is able to pick up internet radio stations at a distance of up to 50 to 100 metres from the broadband wireless connection with which it is associated and has a playback time of up to 3 hours when the volume isn’t cranked right up. The Orange Liveradio can accept up to 8 station presets and has an alarm clock function.

Key features of the Orange Liveradio internet radio

* power adaptor
* rechargeable AA batteries included for portability
* easy set-up user guide
* 2x4cm quality stereo speakers
* Stereo amplifier two 2 Watt speakers
* Improved digital sound quality with Bass Boost enhancer technology
* 3.5mm stereo jack socket for headphones or speakers
* USB port for various MP3 players
* 8 Preset Keys to store your favourites
* Time/clock/alarm functionalities
* White backlit display 128x64 pixels
* 20x123x78mm
* 638g

Orange Liveradio wireless internet radio

Orange Liveradio wireless internet radio