Mobile broadband dongles are great for accessing the web on the go, but they're not the most distinctive of accessories. To fix this, O2 has teamed up with House of Holland designer Henry Holland and come up with a striking design.

The House of Holland Pay and Go mobile broadband dongle is aimed at fashionistas who want style as well as function. Whether or not you regard black and white polka dots as stylish is a matter of personal taste, of course. The 02 mobile broadband stick also features a bright blue House of Holland logo. Henry Holland is best known for his friendship with fashion model Agyness Deyn.

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"Henry Holland is one of the most exciting designers in London and the perfect partner to help us add some style to our mobile broadband offering. Our customers have been telling us that they continually crave individuality and this delivers stand-out, personalisation and a bit of fun" said Peter Rampling, O2's marketing director.

O2 says the dongle is capable of speeds up to 3.6Mbps and users simply top up their dongle online to surf the web. There are three different rates available; a daily package which costs £2 per day and has a 500MB data allowance, a weekly charge of £7.50 that has a data cap of 1GB or a monthly rate of £15 which a 3GB data allowance. All three packages come with unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Available from O2 stores and O2's website from February 27, the House of Holland Dongle is priced at £29.35.

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