BT has started offering free mobile broadband access to its business broadband customers. BT Business Mobile Broadband will be available as a product in its own right or as part of an improved offering to existing business broadband customers.

Current BT Business Total Broadband customers on Option 2 or Option 3 will now qualify for a free mobile broadband 3G dongle with a monthly download limit of 1GB. While this doesn't compare with the 'unlimited' 3G mobile data access offered on some contracts, it's a neat way of BT joining the mobile broadband throng without harming its own fixed-line broadband subscription service.

The BT Business Mobile Broadband service costs £26.99 for unlimited ADSL broadband and 2,000 minutes of Wi-Fi access plus 1GB of 3G data access. According to BT, the data allowance "is equivalent to spending more than three full working days at a Wi-Fi hotspot in a given month, providing great value".

Customers will be able to log on and use their Wi-Fi minutes at BT Openzone locations and any of the 100,000+ BT hotspots around the UK. A BT Access Manager will enable customers to monitor how much of their monthly Wi-Fi minutes and 3G data allowance they have used.

An unlimited Wi-Fi and 3GB-per-month 3G mobile broadband service will be offered separately for £17.50 a month.

BT Business Mobile Broadband