Book worms are to be given their own quiet corner of the internet with the launch of BookRabbit - a new online bookstore.

Bookrabbit styles itself as an online bookshop allied to a social networking platform that gives users the chance to nose at each others' bookshelves while also getting real reccomendations for 'must reads'.

According to BookRabbit, the website can be used to buy books from an online catalogue of 4.3 million titles. Its founders says the books are competitive priced and offered with free postage, putting the website in direct competition with rival

In fact, one of its key pledges is that 100,000 of the books on offer via the site are cheaper than buying them from Amazon.

For those looking for a more interactive experience, BookRabbit also functions as a social networking site.

Users simply create a profile and invite their friends on to the site to discuss their favourite reads and authors. Members also have access to the My Bookshelf function. By simply uploading an image of their bookshelf at home and tagging the books, members can identify others that own the same books in their collection and then 'snoop' through the rest of the titles in their bookcase.

"We understand that, if you want to be surprised by books, if you want to experience new authors, if you have a passion for reading, then you don't turn to a machine, or the dinosaurs of the book trade to help you – you turn to other readers, and what they have experienced through the books they have read,” said Kieron Smith, managing director of

The site also offers the ability to re-catalogue titles and create new genres in a way that makes them useful for the reader which smith believes makes it easier to find books on unusual subjects. The site also offers extracts from forthcoming books as well as video interviews with authors.

BookRabbit online bookshop and reading room

BookRabbit online bookshop and reading room