Use Ubuntu One Files for Android to back up and share photos from your smartphone, and view images stored on your PC.

I've been playing with the nifty Ubuntu One Files app for Android from Canonical. The software firm is, of course, the maker of the Ubuntu Linux operating systems, but you don't need to be a Linux user to enjoy Ubuntu One. You don't even need to own an Google Android tablet or Google Android phone to use One, which is a cloud storage service that offers 2GB of free online space to insert whichever kinds of files you wish.

Last week Canonical launched the Ubuntu One Files app for Android. According to a Canonical spokeperson: "The Ubuntu One Files app means that you can sync your files, photos and more with you and manage them on the fly." According to me it means you can take a pic on your phone or tablet's camera, and immediately view it on your PC. It also means you can upload a file or photo to your mobile device without it having to be anywhere near your PC.

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One Files gives you access to everything, everywhere

In use it's pretty straightforward. Once I'd installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, I had the option of putting all the photos already on the device into my Ubuntu One account. I chose not to (no-one wants to see *those* pics), but from then on whenever I have taken a pic, one of the sharing options is to upload to Ubuntu One. A single click, and almost instantaneously the image is accessible wherever I have a web connection. SO that's an immediate backup and an opportunity for sharing.

You can upgrade from Ubuntu One Basic to the Mobile service for $3.99 a month. This allows you to stream your entire music collection to your mobile device.