HTC has launched yet another Google Android smartphone. The HTC Rhyme will be offered on the O2 network in the UK and will be available in a distinctive plum colour that seems to be pitched at ladies. Adding to the sense that this handset has a slant towards the feminine is the inclusion of a ‘Charm’ that discreetly alerts the owner that their phone is ringing even if it’s buried deep in their handbag. The Charm attaches to your handbag and softly glows to indicate an incoming call.

The HTC Rhyme uses the Gingerbread 2.3 version of Android and has HTC’s Sense user interface on top. Powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, the Rhyme has 756MB of RAM and 4GB on board storage at its disposal. Additional memory can be added via the microSD card slot. HTC includes an 8GB microSD card in the box.

Key features of the HTC Rhyme include a 5Mp camera with LED flash, 3.7in WVGA [80x600-pixel] capacitive touchscreen with haptic feedback, GPS and compass and the ability to record video at 720p. The camera offers face-detection and autofocus as well as a panorama capture mode and sequential shooting so action shots can be taken. The resulting photos and video can be shared straight from the camera menu to Facebook, Flickr, email or via MMS.  The handset weighs 130g. 

HTC Rhyme Google Android smartphone The screen supports pinch to zoom and has a proximity sensor that dims the display when the smartphone is not being used and lights up when the user is nearby, making it easy to locate in the dark, for instance.

The quad-band phone has a 1600mAh battery that should provide Bluetooth 3.0 and the latest g and n versions of Wi-Fi are supported.

The Rhyme Charm is not the only matching accessory to go with the Rhyme. There is also a Rhyme Docking Station. This charges the handset while acting as a stand so you can view your photo slideshows or video clips. The handset also supports HTC Watch – a portal for renting and purchasing music and movies.

Although O2 has been confirmed as the first mobile network to carry the HTC Rhyme in the UK, a launch date and pricing have not yet been announced. The HTC Rhyme will go onsale at the end of next week in the US on the Verizon network and will cost $200. 

HTC Rhyme Google Android smartphone landscape view