Overwatch is the latest game from gaming behemoth Blizzard, which has made titles including World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Hearthstone. The game's been out for ages now, but Blizzard is still regularly releasing free updates to keep the game's community engaged.

Here's everything you need to know about the game, including the latest news and rumours about deals, new heroes and maps, and seasonal events. And if you want to know what we thought of the game, read our full Overwatch review.

When was the Overwatch release date?

After months of waiting, Overwatch was released on 24 May 2016.

What platforms is Overwatch on?

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch screenshot

How much does Overwatch cost in the UK?

Digital editions of Overwatch Origins are available from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store at £54.99, and from Battle.net for PC at £29.99 (standard) and £44.99 (Origins).

You can also buy Overwatch Origins from various online retailers. The best deal we found was at Amazon for £26. 

To mark the game's one-year anniversary, Blizzard is also releasing a Game of the Year edition of Overwatch, which will be available digital-only from 23 May. It's a bit of an odd GOTY edition though, as most of the bonus goodies are for other Blizzard games.

Within Overwatch itself, you'll get 10 free loot boxes and a handful of hero skins. Elsewhere though, you get to play as Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, can have a baby Winston pet in World of Warcraft, can equip Mercy's wings in Diablo III, and get Overwatch portraits for Starcraft II and card backs for Hearthstone.

Who are the playable heroes?

With 21 characters (or heroes) at launch and two more added since, Overwatch has a similar feel to a MOBA like Heroes of the Storm. Rather than simply picking a different skin, you'll be able to play a character which suits your style. Here's the full Overwatch characters list:

•    Ana
•    Bastion
•    D.Va
•    Genji
•    Hanzo
•    Junkrat
•    Lúcio
•    McCree
•    Mei
•    Mercy
•    Orisa
•    Pharah
•    Reaper
•    Reinhardt
•    Roadhog
•    Soldier: 76
•    Sombra
•    Symmetra
•    Torbjörn
•    Tracer
•    Widowmaker
•    Winston
•    Zarya
•    Zenyatta

What's the latest Overwatch hero or map?

Overwatch is regularly being updated with new maps and heroes, and the latest addition is a new Assault map set on the Moon.

Horizon Lunar Colony is currently playable on the public test server, though isn't yet in the main game. It's set in the colony that Winston, the game's intelligent gorilla scientist, once called home.

Gameplay-wise, it's an Assault map, which means the attacking team needs to capture two points to succeed, and it boasts one novel feature: a low-gravity area near the first point. Find out more in the new map preview video:

What's the next event?

The latest major Overwatch event is the game's big one-year anniversary celebration. Going live on 23 May, the event will bring with it three new Arena maps (as we mentioned above), and we can no doubt expect the usual array of new skins and emotes.

There'll also be another free weekend for the game, running from 26 May to 29 May. The full array of maps and heroes will be available across several game modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the latest Weekly Brawl.

Anyone who takes part in the free weekend will be able to level up and earn loot boxes, and any progress will be carried over into the full game if they decide to make the purchase.