Telltale Games is back with a new episode-based game, following on from the success of The Walking Dead video game. This time, the company has been challenged with the task of creating a new, playable storyline within the hugely popular world of Game of Thrones.

The first episode arrived on PC, Mac, PS4, PS3 Xbox 360, Xbox One, and iOS at the beginning of December 2014, followed by the slightly shaky arrival of episode two in February, but when are the next episodes going to arrive? We explore the rumours, speculation and evidence about the Game of Thrones video game release date below. See also: How to watch videos on Xbox 360

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Game of Thrones video game episode 3 release date: When is part two coming out?

There will be a total of six episodes in the first season of the Game of Thrones video game. Telltale says that episodes are usually available to download between four and six weeks apart, but the company has been known to leave fans waiting for a bit longer than that on occasions.

For example, the second episode of the game, called The Lost Lords, should have arrived between 1 January and 14 January, but in actual fact it came on 3 February, so that's eight weeks.

If episode three arrives four to eight weeks later, you can expect it between 3 March and 3 April. On 18 March, Telltale PR director Job J Stauffer tweeted: "Two episodes in one month? 'Tales from the @Borderlands' Ep 2 OUt Now. @GameOfThrones Ep3? Sooner than you think." That hints at a March release for the next episode. We'll update this article with more information about the release date as it arrives.

Episode three is set to be titled "The Sword in the Darkness," followed by "Sons of Winter," "A Nest of Vipers," and finally, "The Ice Dragon."

We're hoping that episode three will launch to a more positive reception than episode two recieved, though. There have been reports that performance, particularly on iOS and Android devices, is quite buggy. Plus, a glitch on Xbox One has caused some users to lose the data from episode one, which is integral to the story as the decisions made by the player in episode one will affect the plot in episode two.

If you've yet to play the first episode of Game of Thrones, read on to find out what the gameplay is like.

Game of Thrones video game: Gameplay

The Game of Thrones video game is a decision and reaction-based game that has a storyline that is different for every player, depending on what they choose to say and do. You'll play as five different characters from the House of Forrester throughout the six-episode-long series, all of which feature in the Game of Thrones books by George R.R. Martin, but don't appear in the TV show.

Telltale made the decision to create the game this way to allow them to tell a brand new story within the world of Westeros that isn't pre-determined by the events seen in the show.

You will, however, come across various familiar characters throughout the game, each voiced by the actors from the TV show. Despite the painterly animation style of the game, each of the characters is immediately recognisable for those who've watched the show.

The story begins at the end of season three of the TV show, so we'd advise those of you who've yet to watch up to that point or beyond to watch it before playing, as there are some spoilers.

It's a single-player game, but it's a bit like watching a TV show or movie that you're able to interact with, so can still provide entertainment for multiple people.

Each episode takes an average of 2 hours to play through.