Owners of the Xbox 360 and its HD DVD add-on will be able to enjoy the 1983 classic Dragon's Lair in 1,080p high definition, following the game's launch this summer.

Dragon's Lair, which is already available in 1,080p Blu-ray high definition for the PlayStation 3, seems like an odd match for HD, relying as it does on a somewhat old-fashioned animation style - but the makers are optimistic that nostalgia-crazed gamers will enjoy the combination of traditional gameplay and crisp, high-resolution graphics.

"I'm amazed at the high-definition video," commented Don Bluth, one of the original creators of Dragon's Lair. "Finally, the game looks as good as it did on film."

Dragon's Lair HD DVD will be published by Digital Leisure and is expected to be available from 15 August.

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