StreamMyGame has announced a version of Crysis that can be played on limited-spec laptops and PCs such as the Asus Eee PC and Ebox.

Crysis is one of the most popular console and PC games but is famous for its huge processor and graphics demands. Very few PCs are able to run the game properly due to the amount of power required.

Rather than being installed on the computer and drawing on its processor and graphics engine, the StreamMyGame version of Crysis works online, so gamers aren’t hobbled by the limitations. Instead, they simply need a terminal on which to play and a reliable broadband connection.

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StreamMyGame says its version of Crysis runs at a fullscreen resolution of 1,024x800 on both Windows and Linux versions of the Eee PC. It can also be used on many other ultraportable laptops. Traditionally, these sacrifice processing and graphics power for lack of weight.

"The Linux player has been requested by our Eee PC members and has been optimised to run on both the original and new ranges of the Eee PC. The Windows player has also been optimised." said Richard Faria, StreamMyGame's CEO.

StreamMyGame already makes streaming versions of other popular titles such as Bioshock and HalfLife 2.

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StreamMyGame makes it possible for those with limited-spec PCs to enjoy the latest gaming action

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